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What you see is what you get

: Sel, Saadettin; Brown, Mark A.; Storsberg, Joachim; Schmidt, Christian

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Created on: 9.11.2016

American Journal of Immunology 12 (2016), No.3, pp.52-55
ISSN: 1553-619X (print)
ISSN: 1558-3775 (online)
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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The recognition and neutralization of invading pathogens by the human immune system is designed to protect the organism. Sometimes, the checks and balances in place securing a tightly controlled immune surveillance of privileged sites are lifted in order to ensure survival of the individual at the cost of losing the functionality of an organ. Here, we use choice areas to argue that, while much has been learned, further studies are needed to explain the lingering enigma of privileged immunity.