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Duplex-Real-Time-PCR zur Zygositäts-bestimmung in transgenen Pflanzen

: Fritsch, L.D.; Schillberg, S.; Schröper, F.


Biospektrum 21 (2015), No.5, pp.511-514
ISSN: 0947-0867
ISSN: 1868-6249
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IME ()

Reliable techniques to detect the presence and zygosity of transgenic events in plants are crucial for biotechnology research and plant breeding industry. Therefore, we have introduced a novel assay, which enables high-throughput genotyping of transgenic events in maize using duplex real-time PCR. We demonstrated that the presence and zygosity of two selected transgenic events could be detected with high reproducibility and that our method is suitable for rapid genotyping of a large number of samples.