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Non-destructive imaging analysis of unstable foam structures using 3D X-ray computed tomography

: Eggert, A.; Supper, M.; Nachtrab, F.; Dombrowski, J.; Rack, A.; Zabler, S.

Laudon, M.:
TechConnect briefs 2015. Vol.1: Advanced materials
New York, NY: Productivity Press, 2015
ISBN: 1-4987-4727-2
ISBN: 978-1-4987-4727-1
TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo <2015, Washington/DC>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS ()

For the engineering of foamed products, knowledge about the foam structure as well as about its dynamics and stability are of critical importance. Using X-ray computed tomography (CT) accurate 3D information about the foams structure is obtained, but the structural characterization of liquid foams, which feature structural changes, is still challanging. In this contribution a fast laboratory CT setup is presented allowing the acquisition of 3D data sets almost instantaneously. Reached limits for the CT system: ⢠15s measurement time for a complete 3D recording ⢠3.5 μm resolution for small objects (I.D. 10 mm) ⢠time-resolved structure characterization ⢠constant climate conditions (temperature, humidity) ⢠non-destructiv The suitability and possibilities of such a system for non-solidified foams and other porous materials are shown.