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FEA-based development of new laser-welded tin plate cans

Presentation held at 11th International Tinplate Conference 2016, 05-06 October 2016, London
FEA-basierte Entwicklung von Lasergeschweißten Weißblechdosen
: Lieber,Thomas; Nagel, Matthias

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2016, 19 Folien
International Tinplate Conference <11, 2016, London>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Weißblech; Stahlherstellung

Development of new technologies in can making industry is mainly focussed on Light-weighting combined with a better material utilisation. Regarding three piece aerosol cans this will end up in new challenges for the can design and related can production technology. Within this paper the development process of new laser welded tin plate cans will be presented.
The development of the aerosol container was supported by finite element calculations (FEM) taking into account high-strength tinplate materials and considering Standard Loadcases like “axial loading” and “pressure loading”. The component geometries (dome, can body and bottom) have been optimised by simulations and DOE-methods. As the top and bottom of the can are laser welded instead of fitted with a traditional seam, there is a clear reduction in the material used. Material savings of up to 30 % compared to state of the art 3-piece cans are achievable.
Furthermore the application and development of toolings and machines for the new production technology has been taken into account. By using the latest laser welding technology, we have managed to save on material, thereby reducing the cost of the can. With the new look of a mono block can and great decorating opportunities a process for producing premium tinplate steel cans was developed. Flat tops can be applied as well as small caps. Sleeve labels and digital printing are graphical packaging options as well as traditional printing.