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The use of mindmapping software for patent search and management

: Dirnberger, Dietmar

Fulltext urn:nbn:de:0011-n-4149994 (2.1 MByte PDF)
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Created on: 29.9.2016

World Patent Information 47 (2016), pp.12-20
ISSN: 0172-2190
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Mindmap; digital mindmapping; patent information mapping; information access; search workflow optimization; legal status searching; compliance

Modern information technologies and in particular the internet have revolutionized the patent information professionals' work in terms of speed of access and information comprehensiveness from both company internal and external digital sources. Here, I describe how the digital mindmapping technique can be used to complement existing intellectual property management software solutions to meet the challenge of optimizing and managing patent search workflows as well as to rapidly organise and access highly dynamic, heterogeneous and scattered patent information sources. Both eye catching and highly memorable and at the same time self-explanatory mindmapping examples are presented. These were designed to include basic and advanced level digital mindmapping features tailored to significantly speed up and maintain a high work quality level of patent search professionals. A special emphasis is put on the great benefit of organising and accessing the plethora of internet-based worldwide online patent registers through mindmapping, both in terms of managing the constantly changing deep links to the actual search options for e.g., legal status information, and keeping track of the offered level of content.