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43% sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency using CPV

: Steiner, M.; Siefer, G.; Schmidt, T.; Wiesenfarth, M.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.


IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 6 (2016), No.4, pp.1020-1024
ISSN: 2156-3381
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Materialien - Solarzellen und Technologie; III-V und Konzentrator-Photovoltaik; III-V Epitaxie und Solarzellen; multi-junction concentrator cell; characterization; high efficiency; fresnel lens; full-glass lens

A concentrator standard test condition (CSTC) efficiency of 43.4% for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity is demonstrated with a subunit of a concentrator photovoltaics (CPV) module. This is the highest reported CSTC efficiency for CPV applications thus far. This test device consists of a four-junction solar cell and uses an achromatic full-glass lens for concentrating the sunlight. The high efficiency is made possible by the combination of a high-efficiency solar cell (46%) and a high-efficiency lens (95%). The I–V curve of the solar cell has been measured for varying distances to the glass lens and compared with the results for a silicone-on-glass Fresnel lens. In this manner, chromatic aberration effects on solar cell performance are discussed in this study.