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High cycling stability of electrochromic devices using a metallic counter electrode

: Faure, Cyril; Guerfi, Abdelbast; Dontigny, Martin; Clément, Daniel; Hovington, Pierre; Posset, Uwe; Zaghib, Karim


Electrochimica Acta 214 (2016), pp.313-318
ISSN: 0013-4686
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISC ()
Elektrochromie; feste Elektrolyte; polymere Elektrolyte; Elektrode; Beständigkeit

This work focuses on the stability of hybrid electrochromic displays that use only one electrochromic film, an industrial solid polymer electrolyte and a metallic counter electrode. The lifetime of these devices exceeds 200,000 cycles in tests with three different voltage ranges. Traces of metal deposits were found during cycling, which indicates that the metallic counter electrode combines the functions of current collector and counter electrode.