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Neutron irradiation test of a DCM 14 C Version 2.9. Final results

31st of October, 2000
: Arlt, R.; Henschel, H.; Köble, T.; Lennartz, W.; Metzger, S.; Rosenstock, W.; Lange, S.; Neumann, G.; White, M.; Ondrik, M.; Richter, B.; Schoop, K.

Wien: IAEA, 2000, 10 pp.
Fraunhofer INT ()
safeguards system; surveillance system; digital surveillance system; neutron sensitivity; neutron induced failure; soft errors; single event upset (SEU)

Since 1997 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Euratom Safeguards Office (ESO) have fielded Digital Image Surveillance (DIS) systems based on the DCM 14 technology. Recently problems were reported related to DCM 14 when operated in containments of nuclear facilities. These failures result from Single Event Upsets (SEU) induced through neutrons from the reactor environment. The neutrons produce SEU's indirectly through nuclear reactions producing ionizing particles. The produced electrical charge may exceed the critical charge needed to change the logic state. This can result in a bit flip leading to soft errors. By neutron irradiation of Digital Image Surveillance (DIS) systems (DCM 14 camera technology) the same malfunctions occured as observed in the field. Details of the irradiation investigations and the results are reported.