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TEM and STEM/EELS Studies of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Films and Diamond Films

: Zhang, X.
: Gumbsch, P.

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Karlsruhe, 2014, 166 pp.
Karlsruhe, Inst. für Technologie (KIT), Diss., 2014
URN: urn:nbn:de:swb:90-449278
Dissertation, Electronic Publication
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This thesis is concerned with microstructural and chemical investigations of thin layers of diamond and diamond-like carbon (DLC) which were performed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in combination with electron energy loss spectroscopy. Practical aspects about the EELS technique of determining the fractions of sp2-hybridized carbon-atoms in DLC films are studied. The wear mechanism of diamond is proved by TEM to involve an atom-by-atom amorphization process driven by mechanical force.