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Mechanical properties of laser beam welded ultra-high strength chromium steel with martensitic microstructure

: Dahmen, M.; Janzen, V.; Lindner, S.; Wagener, R.

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Physics procedia 78 (2015), pp.210-221
ISSN: 1875-3892
ISSN: 1875-3884
Nordic Conference on Laser Materials Processing (NOLAMP) <15, 2015, Lappeenranta>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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A new class of steels is going to be introduced into sheet manufacturing. Stainless ferritic and martensitic steels open up opportunities for sheet metal fabrication including hot stamping. A strength of up to 2 GPa at a fracture strain of 15% can be attained. Welding of these materials became apparently a challenge. Energy-reduced welding methods with in-situ heat treatment are required in order to ensure the delicate and complex heat control. Laser beam welding is the joining technique of choice to supply minimum heat input to the fusion process and to apply an efficient heat control. For two application cases, production of tailored blanks in as-rolled condition and welding in assembly in hot stamped conditions, welding processes have been developed. The welding suitability is shown in metallurgical investigations of the welds. Crash tests based on the KSII concept as well as fatigue tests prove the applicability of the joining method. For the case of assembly also joining with deep drawing and manganese boron steel was taken into consideration. The strength of the joint is determined by the weaker partner but can benefit from its ductility.