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Overview - School buildings as leading examples of energy efficient renovation. Online resource

: Erhorn-Kluttig, Heike

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European Commission EC
FP7-Energy; 260102; School of the future
School of the Future - Towards Zero Emission with High Performance Indoor Environment
Science Communication Online, Electronic Publication
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Throughout the Recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) it is requested that "the public sector in each Member State should lead the way in the field of energy performance of buildings" and "buildings occupied by public authorities and buildings frequently visited by the public should set an example". Among the most promising public building types to act as lighthouse projects are school buildings. They are visited by people belonging to different age groups such as pupils, teachers and parents. Classes can offer pupils first-hand experience of visible improvements to the building envelope and the technical services systems, they can learn how to support energy savings by responsible user behaviour. Furthermore, pupils can actively participate in the renovation process and transfer what they have learned to their parents. The European Commission has in recent years co-funded several projects that deal with energy efficient school retrofit.