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Reducing railway noise pollution

: Clausen, Uwe; Doll, Claus; Franklin, Francis J.; Franklin, Gordana V.; Rothengatter, Werner; Sieber, Niklas

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Brussels: European Union, 2012, 124 pp.
ISBN: 978-92-823-3693-9
Study, Electronic Publication
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noise; noise level; noise protection; rail transport; transport policy; environmental standard; environmental protection; environmental policy; transport infrastructure

12 million EU inhabitants are affected by railway noise during the day and 9 million during the night. This study lists measures, funding and regulations to reduce it. The introduction of modern rolling stock will lower noise most significantly. In the short run, the replacement of cast iron by composite brake blocks on rail freight cars is most important. Developing a regulation scheme for a staged process towards low-noise rolling stock is the heart of a rail noise abatement strategy.