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EMG measuring and stimulation implant

: Völker, Matthias; Nikas, Antonios; Holzberger, Alfred; Hauer, Johann

Medical Cluster, Bern:
Innovation - from Idea to Patient Benefit. Conference Documentation : [Meet the Expert] Implants, 25/26 April 2016, Interlaken
Interlaken, 2016
Conference "Meet the Expert - Implants, Innovation - from Idea to Patient Benefit" <2016, Interlaken>
Fraunhofer IIS ()
Integrierte Medizintechnik

This implant controls hand prostheses by EMG monitoring1 and provides user feedback. The feedback signal is acquired by pressure sensors and applied by nerve stimulation. The development of a new generation of intuitively mind-controlled prostheses is an ongoing field of research. This approach improves the control interface towards the behavior of a real part of the body by two major strategies: i) Extracting a higher functional density by increasing the number as well as the selectivity of the recording electrodes. ii) Integrating a sensory feedback as a sensation to the user that gives him a natural perception when touching or grasping objects with his artificial hand.