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Multiagent plan relationships

Beziehungen in einem Multiaktorenplan
: Martial, F. von

American Association for Artificial Intelligence -AAAI-; Boeing Computer Services -BCS-:
Ninth Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings : Rosario Resort, Eastsound, Washington, September 12-14, 1989
Eastsound, 1989
Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) <9, 1989, Eastsound/Wash.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer GMD
Künstliche Intelligenz; verteilte Datenverarbeitung; Zusammenarbeit; Systemplanung; Beziehung; Entscheidungsfindung; theoretisches Modell

A multiagent plan is a plan which has been generated for several executing agents. If there are several autonomous agents each of whom creates multiagent plans which are executed in a common environment then there exist multiagent plan relationships. In this paper, a classification of the possible relationships bewteen the agents' plans is established. The taxonomy presented will comprise both harmful (negative) and favorable (positive) relationships. A system which hopes to perform a meaningful coordination of individually created plans has to cover the whole range of interactions that can occur among intelligent agents; the detection of negative relationships is crucial to prevent conflicts and the detection of positive relationships may help to utilize the favorable potential which may exist among different plans.