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Improving the development of e-Business systems by introducing process-based software product lines

: Bayer, J.; Kose, M.; Ocampo, A.

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Created on: 03.05.2006

Kaiserslautern, 2006, VII, 20 pp. : Ill., Lit.
IESE-Report, 019.06/E
Reportnr.: 019.06/E
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()
product line; product line engineering; E-business; process improvement; process-based product line

The ever increasing demand for larger, more complex software of high quality that is customized to different customers in shorter time pushes software developing organizations towards reuse. The promises that accompany reuse include shorter time to market, reduced development effort, as well as reuse of approved quality. This is especially true in the fast-paced domain of e-Business applications.
In the e-Business domain, workflows are central artifacts that are used to specify application systems. To realize reuse at a large scale for e-Business application systems, therefore, workflows need to be reused systematically. To this end workflows must be classified, documented, and stored in a way that enables their identification, evaluation, and adaptation in order to integrate them in an application. Software product line engineering is an established and approved software engineering approach that addresses these issues by handling a number of similar software systems together, enabling large scale reuse during the development and maintenance of the different systems covered by the product line.
In this paper, we transfer the concepts of software product line engineering to the domain of e-Business systems by applying the product line techniques to workflows and present initial validation results.