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Indoor exposure to Pyrethroid insecticides

: Berger-Preiß, E.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.

Institute of Public Health, Tokyo:
INDOOR Air '96. 7th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate 1996. Proceedings. Vol. 1
Nagoya, 1996
International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate <7, 1996, Nagoya>
Conference Paper
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The contamination of rooms after application of pyrethroid insecticides was investigated in this study. Three different formulations containing deltamethrin, permethrin, piperonylbutoxide and pyrethrins were sprayed in a model house consisting of ten identical furnished rooms and their concentration monitored on surfaces, in house dust and airborne dust over a period of two years. The concentrations of permethrin and deltamethrin decreased very slowly during this period. After 70 weeks, permethrin appied as a solvent-based emulsion was found in house dust in concentrations of -200µ/g, and deltamethrin applied as an aqueous suspension in concentrations of -5µg/g. Decontamination of the rooms using a household cleanser substantially reduced the pyrethroid concentrations.