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Investigations of polycrystalline magnetic shape memory alloys

Untersuchungen zu polykristallinen magnetischen Formgedächtnislegierungen
: Neugebauer, Reimund; Böhm, A.; Drossel, W.-G.; Kunze, H.; Edelmann, J.; Gaitzsch, U.; Ruhnow, M.

TH Zürich -ETH-, Institut für Angewandte Physik:
Workshop on Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys 2005 : 11-16 September 2005, Ascona
Zürich, 2005
Workshop on Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys <2005, Ascona>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
magnetic shape memory alloy; NiMnGa; hot-rolling; martensitic transformation; magnetic field induced strain; magnetische Formgedächtnislegierung; NiMnGa; Warmwalzprozess; martensitische Umwandlung; magnetfeldinduzierte Dehnung

The industries are interested in development of polycrystalline materials with magnetic shape memory effect. The paper describes experimental investigations depending on temperature of polycrystalline MSMA with composition of nominal Ni50Mn30Ga20. The aim for our future work is to find a way for the development of forming technology, which allows to produce a texture within the NiMnGa-material. The alloy was prepared by arc induction melting pure constituents and it was annealed for 48 h at 900 °C. The casting specimens were characterized by using EDX, optical microscopy and XRD. The benefit of the selected MSMA-composition was the high temperature of martensitic transformation, but a mixed structure (tetragonal and orthorhombic) was determinated by X-ray measurements.