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Dispenser and aerosoljet printed electrical functionalities

: Dani, Ines; Stepien, Lukas; Greifzu, Moritz; Roch, Aljoscha; Leyens, Christoph

3rd Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference, DDMC 2016. Proceedings : 16-17 March 2016, Berlin, Germany
Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-8396-1001-5
4 pp.
Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference (DDMC) <3, 2016, Berlin>
European Commission EC
Nano-carbons for versatile power supply modules
Conference Paper
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Printing offers the possibility to add electrical functionalities on or into 3D components. The process generates 2D and 3D structures or multilayers with a high material utilization. For high viscosity pastes dispenser printing was applied; for low viscosity materials and fine patterns aerosoljet printing is suited. Mainly polymers are used as active printed material. Besides, a wide variety of metal based contact materials is available including silver, copper or nickel. As application example the printing of polymer based thermoelectric modules for the cost-efficient recycling of waste heat in the temperature range from room temperature up to 100 °C was demonstrated. Several designs are evaluated. Beneath two vertical designs also the printing of p-type and n-type thermoelectric material into non-woven substrates is studied, enabling the manufacturing of flexible thermoelectric modules in a continuous, automated process.