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Entwicklungsfortschritte beim matrizenlosen Clinchen und Nietclinchen

: Mauermann, R.; Dietrich, S.

Ebert, F. ; Automotive Circle International; International Circle of Experts on Automotive Joining Techniques:
Joining in automotive lightweight design. Latest joining processes and hybrid joining techniques in a material and semi-finished product mix for car body, chassis and powertrain : 7th German and 2nd European Automotive Conference, 8/9 April 2003, Bad Nauheim/Frankfurt ; proceedings
Berlin: Tci, Technik & Kommunikation Verlag, 2003 (Automotive Circle International Conference 2003,15)
German Automotive Conference <7, 2003, Bad Nauheim>
European Automotive Conference <2, 2003, Bad Nauheim>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
assembly; finite element method (FEM); joining by forming; rivet clinching; dieless rivet clinching; flat counter tool; aluminum; steel; hybrid joint; joining method; die; dieless; anvil; Clinchen; matrizenlos Clinchen; Nietclinchen; matrizenlos Nietclinchen; Fügen; Fügekraftreduzierung; Fügeverfahren; Aluminium; Stahl; Mischverbindung; Matrize; Amboss; matrizenlos; Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM)

Two new joining methods for sheet metal parts, dieless clinching and dieless Two new joining methods for sheet metal parts, dieless clinching and dieless formable materials can be joined. Contrary to conventional technology in joining by forming these new methods are working with a flat anvil as a counter tool nstead of a contoured die, which has a number of advantages. In this paper the new the new joining methods are introduced in detail. Examples for manufactured joints are shown.