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Einsatzmöglichkeiten mechanischer Fügeverfahren mit partiellem Umformen

: Dietrich, S.

Ebert, F.:
Joining in Automotive Lightweight Design. CD-ROM : Joining Techniques and Hybrid Joining in a Material and Semi-Product Mix. 7/8 March 2002, Bad Nauheim. Fügen im Automobil-Leichtbau
Bad Nauheim, 2002
German Automotive Conference <6, 2002, Bad Nauheim>
European Automotive Conference <1, 2002, Bad Nauheim>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
assembly; finite element method (FEM); joining by forming; selfpierce-riveting; clinching; rivet clinching; dieless rivet clinching; flat counter tool; hydroforming; hydrojoining; Aluminum; joining method; dieless; anvil; joining force reduction; Clinchen; Nietclinchen; matrizenlos Nietclinchen; Stanznieten; Fügen; Hydrofügen; Fügekraftreduzierung; Fügeverfahren; Aluminium; Hydroumformung; Matrize; Amboss; matrizenlos; Finite Elemente Methode (FEM); Taumelclinchen

Often the high joining force in joining by forming is disadvantageous. By superimposing the straight movement of the punch with a wobble movement the joining forces in clinching, selfpierce-riveting or rivet clinching can be reduced by 50-70%. In this presentation the principle of the reduction of the joining force is discussed in detail. Examples for applications are shown. Especially the possibility of including joining operations into hydroforming processes is highlighted.