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Validation of a Novel NDT Technique with Infrared Thermography

: Vega, L.; Venegas, P.; Saez Deocariz, I.; Vandewal, M.; Brook, A.; Cristofani, E.; Mounaix, P.; Guillet, J.-P.; Wohnsiedler, S.; Matheis, C.; Ospald, F.

Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi 69 (2014), No.4, pp.493-498
ISSN: 0391-2051
ISSN: 0015-606X
ISSN: 0365-236X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPM ()

In this study a validation of a novel NDT (non-destructive testing) technique is presented. The validation is carried out with Infrared Thermography, an established NDT tool for composite materials. Various Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer samples with different kinds of simulated defects were inspected in order to analyze the capabilities of the employed non-contact inspection techniques.