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Selection of additives for reducing the toxicity of quartz in ceramic compositions

: Escrig, A.; Ibanez, M.J.; Monfort, E.; Bonvicini, G.; Salomoni, A.; Creutzenberg, O.; Ziemann, C.

Ceramic forum international : CFI. Berichte der Deutschen Keramischen Gesellschaft (2015), No.1-2, pp.63-69
ISSN: 0173-9913
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()

The present study examines the incorporation into ceramic compositions of certain additives to coat the surface of the quartz contained in the compositions, thus reducing quartz toxicity. The selected substances were nanoalumina, aluminium lactate, and organosilanes. Organosilanes are a very extensive family of compounds that simultaneously enable quartz toxicity to be reduced and the quartz surface to be functionalised, providing it with various properties. In this study, the incorporation of these compounds was conceived such that no substantial alteration of the ceramic process would be required. In addition, compounds were selected that would not adversely affect product behaviour during the process.