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Comparison between three-dimensional presentation of endoscopic procedures with polarization glasses and an autostereoscopic display

: Mueller-Richter, U.D.A.; Limberger, A.; Weber, P.; Spitzer, W.; Schilling, M.


Surgical endoscopy and other interventional techniques 17 (2003), No.3, pp.502-504
ISSN: 0930-2794
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

Background: Most endoscopic procedures are done with a two-dimensional (213) view or a spatial presentation with polarization glasses. A new method of presenting three-dimensional (3D) spatial views is the autostereocopic display. We compared the performances of untrained test persons using these methods. Methods: We designed three tests that had to be performed with one of the presentations. We used a Karl Storz 3D set with a 0degrees stereooptic and a grasper. The autostereoiscopic display was the Dresden 3D display. The 59 test persons were students who had never before worked with endoscopic devices. Results: There were few differences between the tests, and none were statistically significant. The results with 2D were slightly better than those with polarization glasses, and the results with polarization glasses were slightly better than those with the autostereoscopic display. Conclusions: There are few differences between the procedures. A true spatial view is limited by the similarity of the two half-pictures.