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Assembly and packaging technologies for high-temperature and high-power GaN devices

: Bajwa, A.A.; Qin, Yangyang; Reiner, R.; Quay, R.; Wilde, J.


IEEE transactions on components, packaging and manufacturing technology 5 (2015), No.10, pp.1402-1416
ISSN: 2156-3950
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
GaN; high electron mobility transistor (HEMT); passive and active cycling; silver sintering; transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding

This paper gives a detailed analysis on the assembly and packaging technologies for the state-of-the-art GaN-based high-electron-mobility transistors, which are suitable for high-temperature and high-power applications. Silver sintering and transient liquid phase bonding were selected as die-attachment techniques, and gold and palladium were investigated for electrical interconnection materials. Both the die-attachments were characterized for their high-temperature stability up to 450 degC. Systematic electrical characterizations were performed from on-wafer measurements to the final assembly. The thermal and thermomechanical influences of the assembly were assessed. For die-attachments and interconnections, passive temperature shock cycling and active power cycling were performed as an initial attempt to characterize the assembly reliability. Finally, a complete package along with the base plate was proposed, which can survive high temperatures up to 480 degC.