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Systematische Untersuchung des Pulverauftrags mittels pneumatischer Düsen zur additiven Fertigung von Multimaterialbauteilen

: Mair, Markus
: Anstätt, Christine

Regensburg, 2016, VII, 99 pp.
Regensburg, TH, Master Thesis, 2016
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
additive Fertigung; Auftragsmechanismus; Düse; Multimaterial

The aim of this master's thesis was the investigation of a pneumatic, selective powder deposition system for the processing of multiple materials in techniques like Selektive Laser Melting (SLM). Therefore first basics of powders, bulk solids and additive manufacturing technologies have been acquired. Afterwards other research work on the subject of selective powder deposition was evaluated. Based on these results several concepts for pneumatic powder nozzles have been elaborated and manufacterd. To gain deeper knowledge about the behaviour of these nozzles, preliminary tests were carried out. Subsequently the deposition of powder lines was observed. The general function of this deposition system was proven. To achieve a more precise powder depositon some optimization work would be necessary. Furthermore the applicability in a powder bed has to be examined.