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Entwicklung einer dezentralen Greifersteuerung für eine individualisierte Getränkeabfüllung

: Schäffer, Bernhard Ludwig
: Kiefer, Lucas

München, 2016, 111 pp.
München, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2016
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Greifer; dezentrale Steuerung; Individualisierung

With the change in the global market from a seller's to a buyer's market, the customer requirements for products also change. Instead of mass production of a few product variants, individual solutions are more and more required in many industries. The individualization across all sectors has advanced in the last years. Starting with the variety of vehicle configurations at the car manufactures, to the configuration of computers up to homemade beer brewing using ready-made tools, this change can be seen.
However in the beverage industry, the conversion to individual products can mostly be seen in the growing variety of products instead of the customer´s opportunity to configurate his own beer. Since individual drinks are higher priced than mass products, this market offers a lot of development potential especially in beers with small batches, such as craft beers.
Therefore, a demonstrator for individual bottling will be developed. In this case the customer can choose the bottle type, the content of a selection and even design a label. A multi-agent system will be used for the main system control.
In this work, a decentralized control will be developed for a bottle gripper on an industrial robot. The peculiarity of this system lies in the ability of the gripper to grab several bottles types at different positions of the bottle. A material handling system is conceived to be developed in which a gripper has to transport the bottles for the plant. After that, the hardware development of gripper control will continue. In the end, the programming and configuration of the gripper will follow.