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Evaluation of the technical-economic potential of particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composites and electrochemical machining

: Schubert, Andreas; Götze, Uwe; Hackert-Oschätzchen, Matthias; Lehnert, Norbert; Herold, Franziska; Meichsner, Gunnar; Schmidt, Anja

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TU Chemnitz, Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik:
18th Chemnitz Seminar on Materials Engineering - 18. Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium 2016 : Chemnitz, 10 - 11 March 2016
Bristol: IOP Publishing, 2016 (IOP conference series. Materials science and engineering 118)
Art. 012035, 11 pp.
Seminar on Materials Engineering <18, 2016, Chemnitz>
Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium <18, 2016, Chemnitz>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
electrochemical machining; particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites; AMC

Compared to conventional cutting, the processing of materials by electrochemical machining offers some technical advantages like high surface quality, no thermal or mechanical impact on the work piece and preservation of the microstructure of the work piece material. From the economic point of view, the possibility of process parallelization and the absence of any process-related tool wear are mentionable advantages of electrochemical machining. In this study, based on experimental results, it will be evaluated to what extent the electrochemical machining is technically and economically suitable for the finish-machining of particle- reinforced aluminum matrix composites (AMCs). Initial studies showed that electrochemical machining - in contrast to other machining processes - has the potential to fulfil demanding requirements regarding precision and surface quality of products or components especially when applied to AMCs. In addition, the investigations show that processing of AMCs by electrochemical machining requires less energy than the electrochemical machining of stainless steel. Therefore, an evaluation of electrochemically machined AMCs - compared to stainless steel - from a technical and an economic perspective will be presented in this paper. The results show the potential of electro-chemically machined AMCs and contribute to the enhancement of instruments for technical-economic evaluations as well as a comprehensive innovation control.