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Flexibility requirements of renewable energy based electricity systems - a review of research results and methodologies

: Kondziella, H.; Bruckner, T.


Renewable & sustainable energy reviews 53 (2016), pp.10-22
ISSN: 1364-0321
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMW ()

It is expected that an energy system faces increasing flexibility requirements in order to cope with increasing contributions from variable renewable energy sources (VRE). In general, the instant balance of temporal and spatial inequalities of the electricity system can be achieved by many compensating measures. However, a thorough and precise quantification of the flexibility demand of a VRE based energy system turns out to be a complex task. So far, literature on energy economics and engineering has provided analyses concerning various aspects of the system requirements for flexibility. Accordingly, this review paper primarily aims to categorize the scientific approaches that have been used in "flexibility demand" studies. In this context we classify exemplary study results from the German and European energy systems into technical, economic, and market potential categories to enhance their comparability. Moreover, we conduct a methodological evaluation of the literature findings to determine further research requirements. Against this background we also discuss a conceptual framework to quantify the market potential of flexible technologies.