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Robust surface patterning by parylene-reinforced breath figures

An enabling tool for liquid crystal microcell arrays
: Galeotti, Francesco; Hartmann, Lutz; Botta, Chiara


Journal of colloid and interface science 465 (2016), pp.47-53
ISSN: 0021-9797
European Commission EC
PARYlene based artificial smart LENSes fabricated using a novel solid-on-liquid deposition process
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()
breath figures; self-assembly; parylene; honeycomb films; liquid crystals; flexible displays

We propose a novel fabrication method for realizing robust and solvent resistant honeycomb films by combining parylene deposition with the polymer auto-organization phenomenon leading to breath figures. Parylene CVD process is suitable for producing a conformal protective layer on the honeycomb surface, reinforcing and stabilizing this structure. We demonstrate that the stabilized porous films can be filled with chloroform solution of fluorescent materials, without losing the integrity of their microstructure. In addition, liquid crystals can be encapsulated inside the patterned surface between two layers of parylene, showing interesting organization features dictated by the spatial constrains. This is the first reported application of breath figures with liquid crystals, suggesting a new approach for the development of honeycomb-based liquid crystal cells for flexible displays.