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Production technologies for large area flexible electronics

: Baum, C.; Bastuck, T.; Michels, L.

Hillmer, J. ; TU Dresden, Institut für Textilmaschinen und Textile Hochleistungswerkstofftechnik -ITM-; Deutsches Wollforschungsinstitut -DWI-, Aachen:
9. Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference 2015. Proceedings. CD-ROM : Aachen, November 26 - 27, 2015
Aachen: DWI, 2015
37 pp.
Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference (ADITC) <9, 2015, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()

Overhead presentation. Contents: introduction Fraunhofer IPT; introduction Coatema; technologies and processes - process parameters, registration control system, coating systems, printing systems, printing parameters, scribing/patterning systems, integration of laser processes into roll-to-roll manufacturing of organic electronics, nanoimprinting system, rollers for nanoimprinting, hot embossing system; polymer replication - piece by piece replication, continuous replication; roll-to-roll polymer replication - results from research, roll-to-roll equipment, replication approaches; roll-to-roll replication approaches - diamond machining, electroplating, polymer casting, comparison/review, best choice; outlook - multilayer micro lab; ML2 - multilayer micro lab - outlines and objectives; summary. Process parameters are: operation speed; rheology of coating and printing inks; substrate condition; tension control MD/CD; edge control; resolution and registration accuracy of printing/laminating systems; precision of coating operations; curing/drying/crosslinkings. Summary - processes - there are challenges ahead in Europe, but: the industry has to define processes and standards; funding for industrial upscaling is needed; it is a new value chain, the players have to find together; a joined cluster approach is needed and takes place; global networks are needed, like the OE-A and its LOPE-C; it will not be the big ones, the SMEs are the strength of Europe; local production on demand versus everyone's big scale.