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Approaches for the industrial development as key for competitiveness and socio-economic development

Presentation held at International Conference on Intelligent Urban Development; Solutions and best practices in the context of implementing regional policy and cohesion 2014-2020; 11.-12. November 2015, Alba Iulia, Romania
: Fulga, Simina; Hörcher, Günter

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2015, 29 Folien
International Conference on Intelligent Urban Development <2015, Alba Iulia>
Smart Urban Development Conference <2015, Alba Iulia>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
development; Industrie; Competitive Manufacturing; Ultraeffizienzfabrik

All developed countries can only achieve and secure a high standard of living with competitive sustainable manufacturing in highly automated learning factories with a high degree of man-machine cooperation. Competitive sustainable manufacturing needs up-to-date knowledge. Taxes are partly used for research and education funding. Research, education and technology transfer increase productivity. Increased productivity increases the taxes. That means fruitful funding and successful technology transfer and innovation are essential for regional and national prosperity increase. In this context, of the industrial development as key for competitiveness and socio-economic development, the “Ultra Efficiency Factory” approaches will be presented. Generally, the concept of the Ultra Efficiency Factory can serve as regulation framework for future implementation. Good practices can be achieved in short time over the Fraunhofer IPA method kit Total Energy Efficiency Management TEEM.