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Multi-gigabit millimeter-wave wireless communication in realistic transmission environments

: Antes, J.; Boes, F.; Messinger, T.; Lewark, U.J.; Mahler, T.; Tessmann, A.; Henneberger, R.; Zwick, T.; Kallfass, I.


IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 5 (2015), No.6, pp.1078-1087
ISSN: 2156-342X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
atmospheric attenuation measurement; complex modulation; millimeter-wave communication; mmW radio propagation; mmW monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs); point-to-point communication; radio links; wireless communication

With the growing interest in millimeter-wave (mmW) communication links, especially for multi-gigabit backhaul applications, detailed studies on the performance limits in terms of achievable transmission distance and data rate, but also, and perhaps even more important, thorough investigations on the influence of different weather conditions gain in importance. In this paper we present a millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC)-based transmit and receive front-end and ultra-broadband wireless data transmission experiments utilizing a 240 GHz carrier frequency in a long-range outdoor scenario as well as measurements inside a climatic wind tunnel. Data rates up to 64 Gb/s and various complex modulation formats are employed. While in the outdoor transmission, the link is tested in terms of maximum achievable transmission distance and data rate as well as alignment accuracy, in the climatic wind tunnel the influence of rain and fog in the transmission path is investigated in a defined and controlled environment.