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High-current submicrometer tri-gate GaN high-electron mobility transistors with binary and quaternary barriers

: Ture, E.; Brückner, P.; Godejohann, B.-J.; Aidam, R.; Alsharef, M.; Granzner, R.; Schwierz, F.; Quay, R.; Ambacher, O.

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IEEE journal of the Electron Devices Society : J-EDS 4 (2016), No.1, pp.1-6
ISSN: 2168-6734
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IAF ()
high electron mobility transistor (HEMT); fin-shaped field-effect transistor (FinFET); gallium nitride; short channel

Through implementation of the 3-D tri-gate topology, GaN-based high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have been fabricated and high-frequency performances as well as the short-channel effects are investigated. The designed tri-gate transistors are highly-scaled having 100 nm of gate length, which introduces the condition of a short channel. It is demonstrated that higher sub-threshold slopes, reduced drain-induced barrier lowering and better overall off-state performances have been achieved by the nano-channel tri-gate HEMTs with an AlGaN barrier. A lattice-matched InAlGaN barrier with the help of the fin-shaped nano-channels provide improved gate control, increasing current densities, and transconductance gm. In a direct comparison, very high drain current densities (3.8 A/mm) and g(m) (550 mS/mm) have further been obtained by employing a pure AlN barrier.