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A mole for warm magnetic and optical measurements of LHC dipoles

: Bottura, L.; Buzio, M.; Deferne, G.; Legrand, P.; Rijllart, A.; Sievers, P.; Jansen, H.; Glöckner, C.; Köster, A.


IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 10 (2000), No.1, pp.1454-1457
ISSN: 1051-8223
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()

A new rotating coil probe (a mole) has been developed for the simultaneous measurement of the magnetic field and magnetic axis of warm superconducting LHC dipoles and associated corrector windings. The mole houses a radial rotating coil and travels inside the magnet aperture by means of an externally driven two-way traction belt. The coil is rotated by an on-board piezo motor, being tested in view of future devices for cold measurements as the only type of motor compatible with strong magnetic fields. A virtual light spot is generated in the coil center by a LED source. The position of this light spot is measured from the outside by a system including a telescope, a CCD camera and a DSP. Jigs on reference granite tables are used to transfer the optical measurements to the magnet fiducials. We describe here the main characteristics and performance of the mole.