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Apparatus and Method for Processing an Audio Signal using a Harmonic Post-Filter

: Ravelli, Emmanuel; Helmrich, Christian; Markovic, Goran; Neusinger, Matthias; Jander, Manuel; Dietz, Martin; Disch, Sascha

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EP 20140178820 : 20140728
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An apparatus for processing an audio signal having associated therewith a pitch lag information and a gain information, comprises a domain converter (100) for converting a first domain epresentation of the audio signal into a second domain representation of the audio signal; and a harmonic post-filter (104) for filtering the second domain representation of the audio signal, wherein the post-filter is based on a transfer function comprising a numerator and a denominator, wherein the numerator comprises a gain value indicated by the gain information, and wherein the denominator comprises an integer part of a pitch lag indicated by the pitch lag information and a multi-tap filter depending on a fractional part of the pitch lag