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Chromatisch konfokale Sensoranordnung

: Taphanel, Miro; Zink, Ralf

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WO 2014EP63968 : 20140701
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Chromatic confocal sensor arrangement for optically determining the surface geometry of a three dimensional sample (P), having a dispersive, optical illumination arrangement (4) positioned in the illumination beam bath (2B) of the sensor arrangement that focuses the light of a polychromatic illumination device (1) onto a focus line surface (x,y=0,z), wherein the sample (P) is positioned or positionable in the space (x,y,z) such that its surface z(x,y) intersects the focus line surface (x,y=0,z) along a contour intersection path zy=0(x), and an optical imaging arrangement (6) positioned in the imaging beam path (2A) of the sensor arrangement with which light reflected from the sample (P) can be imaged onto a light detector unit (8) such that for each position (x) along the contour intersection path zy=0(x) only the wavelength λ;z(x) that corresponds to the height (z) of the intersection point of the sample surface with the focus line surface at this position (x) is imaged in a focused manner onto the light detector unit (8), characterized in that n different illumination spectra Ii(λ), where i=1,..., n, can be thus produced with the illumination device (1) and focused on the focus line surface (x,y=0,z) by means of the optical illumination arrangement (4) such that a number (n) of information spectral values, also referred to as n-dimensional color coordinate in the following, that are equivalent to the number (n) of different illumination spectra can be captured by the light detector unit (8) for each position (x) along the contour intersection path zy=0(x).