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Building construction elements

Guidelines for energy retrofitting - towards zero emission schools with high performance indoor environment
: Mørck, Ove; Buvik, Karin; Tangen, Sverre; Erhorn-Kluttig, Heike; Erhorn, Hans; Steiger, Simone; Engelund Thomsen, Kirsten; Zinzi, Michele

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Stuttgart: Frauhnhofer IBP, 2015, 69 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

This guideline, released by the "School of the Future" project, focusses on building construction elements. The publication deals with the building envelope covering an overview of insulation materials, examples of roof and facade insulation, windows and shading elements. Furthermore, it briefly introduces the need to also consider interior building elements mainly related to energy efficiency and indoor climate. The document is intended for designers and planners of school buildings. The document is the second in a series of four guidelines following the guideline on indoor comfort in schools. The other two guidelines planned to be released cover: Building Service Systems and Concepts for Zero Emission Schools.