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Image based reconstruction for cystoscopy

: Brischwein, Matthias; Wittenberg, Thomas; Bergen, Tobias


Current directions in biomedical engineering 1 (2015), No.1, pp.470-474
ISSN: 2364-5504
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS ()
Visualisierung; Image Based Rendering; Disparitätsschätzung; computational imaging; Bewegungserfassung; Algorithmen; 3D Bildverarbeitung

This paper summarizes our efforts to reconstruct the urinary bladder from images acquired in the clinical routine. The authors found that up to now, only very few attempts are reported which achieve a true 3D reconstruction of the human bladder. One promising approach which yields a full geometric reconstruction up to scale from a monocular stream of images is highlighted and results obtained from adapting the method for its use in clinical cystoscopy are presented.