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The context-dependence of citizens’ attitudes and preferences regarding privacy and security

: Friedewald, Michael; Lieshout, Marc van; Rung, Sven; Ooms, Merel


Gutwirth, Serge (Ed.):
Data Protection on the Move : Current Developments in ICT and Privacy/Data Protection
Dordrecht: Springer Netherland, 2016 (Law, Governance and Technology Series 24)
ISBN: 978-94-017-7375-1 (Print)
ISBN: 978-94-017-7376-8 (Online)
Book Article
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privacy; public opinion; security; Trade-off

This paper considers the relationship between privacy and security and, in particular, the traditional "trade-off" paradigm that argues that citizens might be willing to sacrifice some privacy for more security. Academics have long argued against the trade-off paradigm, but these arguments have often fallen on deaf ears. Based on data gathered in a pan-European survey we discuss which factors determine citizens’ perceptions of concrete security technologies and surveillance practices.