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Knowledge angels: Creative individuals fostering innovation in KIBS observations from Canada, China, France, Germany and Spain

Les knowledge angels ou comment des individus créatifs contribuent à l'innovation dans les KIBS - Une série d'observations en Allemagne, au Canada, en Chine, en Espagne et en France. Los knowledge angels: Individuos creativos a labús queda de la innovación en KIBS - Experiencias en Canadá, China, Francia, Alemania y Espana
: Muller, Emmanuel; Héraud, Jean-Alain; Zenker, Andrea

Management international = International management = Gestión internacional 19 (2015), Numéro spécial, pp.201-218
ISSN: 1206-1697
ISSN: 1918-9222
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
higher services; Innovation; knowledge; services supérieurs; connaissance; servicios avanzados; Innovación; Conocimiento

This paper focuses on the role and function of individuals with specific characteristics and talents that work in so-called knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS). It has a specific interest in analyzing innovation processes within KIBS companies and aims at identifying and studying individuals who manage knowledge-related processes in KIBS; they are called “knowledge angels”. After some theoretical considerations, the paper switches to the analysis of knowledge angel activities in KIBS. It formulates hypotheses tested with the help of exploratory interviews in Canadian, Chinese, French, German and Spanish regions. The paper concludes by taking into account implications for both innovation management and innovation policy.