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Homogenization via unfolding in periodic layer with contact

: Griso, Georges; Migunova, Anastasia; Orlik, Julia

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Online im WWW, 2015, arXiv:1511.07744, 20 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

In this work we consider the elasticity problem for two domains separated by a heterogeneous layer. The layer has an ε−periodic structure, ε≪1, including a multiple micro-contact between the structural components. The components are surrounded by cracks and can have rigid displacements. The contacts are described by the Signorini and Tresca-friction conditions. In order to obtain preliminary estimates modification of the Korn inequality for the ε−dependent periodic layer is performed. An asymptotic analysis with respect to ε→0 is provided and the limit problem is obtained, which consists of the elasticity problem together with the transmission condition across the interface. The periodic unfolding method is used to study the limit behavior.