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Correcting multi material artifacts from single material phase retrieved holo-tomograms with a simple 3D Fourier method

: Ullherr, Maximilian; Zabler, Simon

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Optics Express 23 (2015), No.25, pp.32718-32727
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IIS ()
Segmentierung; Rekonstruktion; Algorithmik; Physik; Gefilterte Rückprojektion; Filterung; CT-Bildqualität; content based image retrieval; Computer-Tomografie (CT); BV für die Botanik; Artefakt; Artefakt-Korrektur; 3D Bildverarbeitung

Here we present a method for the removal of multi-material artifacts which occur during the application of a single material phase retrieval procedure to X-ray tomographic data sets. For the phase retrieval we chose the most common method which is the single material filter. The correction method which we describe in the following has been designed for samples consisting of three distinct materials, hence effectively two different material interfaces. Furthermore the material phase with the strongest X-ray interaction needs to show sufficient absorption in order to allow for segmenting this phase through application of a grey value threshold. If these conditions are fulfilled the method is easy to apply through post processing as is shown for the volume images of two sample types.