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Opening up Foresight Processes

: Cuhls, K.

Economies et societes. Sciences de gestion 34 (2000), No.5, pp.21-44
ISSN: 0013-0567
English, French
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Technologie; Prognose; positive analysis of policy-making and implementation; business administration; technological change; transactional relationship

Foresight processes have been further developed during the past ten years, using different approaches. They are not based on the notation that the future is predictable, but that one can look into the future and try to shape the predictable paths. This article describes the development of the new foresight approaches in the nineties in Germany. New Concepts evolves with a stronger focus on the communication about the future. The motives of policy-makers to conduct foresight and forst effect of the new activities are described. Participation of the general public, a broader definition of and the notion of networking inside the different communities, bringing together interdisciplinary knowledge, are the major goals of the new foresight processes. In this context, the German 'FUTUR' is explaines.