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Hemispherical reflectance results of the SolarPACES reflectance round robin

: Montecchi, M.; Delord, C.; Raccurt, O.; Disdier, A.; Sallaberry, F.; Jalon, A.G. de; Fernandez-Garcia, A.; Meyen, S.; Happich, C.; Heimsath, A.; Platzer, W.

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Energy Procedia 69 (2015), pp.1904-1910
ISSN: 1876-6102
International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems (SolarPACES) <20, 2014, Beijing>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Mirrors are the first link in the energy-conversion chain from Sun to electricity-delivery in the grid. Shape and solar reflectance are the key-parameters of mirrors, respectively affecting how solar radiation is concentrated around the focus, and how much of the impinging solar power is reflected. In SolarPACES Task III, an expert group is drafting the solar reflectance guidelines; in order to speed up the discussion the SRRR round robin was launched at the beginning of 2013. Identical kits, each one consisting of ten specimens collected from eight cooperating producers, were distributed and measured at six research institutes, acting as evaluators. The kit includes both traditional (glass based) and innovative (first-surface) solar mirrors. The paper only reports on the simplest task among those of SRRR: the solar hemispherical reflectance measurement. Near-specular solar reflectance was also measured and compared but the results are still under investigation and are not part of this paper. The measurements were accomplished according to the guidelines. The differences among the achieved results are within the typical accuracy of spectrophotometers, demonstrating the reliability of the reflectance guidelines. The statistic of the deviations from the true value is analysed separately for each evaluator, and allows us to infer information abut the gauging-status of the adopted reference mirror, as well as the measurement reproducibility.