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Structure-activity relationships of Co-modified Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts applied in the synthesis of higher alcohols from synthesis gas

: Anton, Johan; Nebel, Janine; Song, Huiqing; Froese, Christian; Weide, Philipp; Ruland, Holger; Muhler, Martin; Kaluza, Stefan


Applied catalysis. A 505 (2015), pp.326-333
ISSN: 0926-860X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
precipitation; Alkohol; Synthese; catalysis

Cu-Co-based catalysts were synthesized by co-precipitation using Cu, Co, Zn and Al nitrates and applied in higher alcohol synthesis (HAS) at 280 degrees C, 60 bar and a ratio of H-2/CO = 1. The catalyst exhibiting a Cu/Co ratio of 2.5 was found to provide the best trade-off between product distribution and degree of CO conversion. After activation and 40 h time on stream reaching steady-state conditions the bulk and surface properties of the catalyst were thoroughly investigated without exposing it to air during the transfer and the measurements. The conditions during activation and HAS led to a significant enrichment of Zn in the surface composition of the catalysts. The XRD pattern of the catalyst after reaction compared with the reduced catalyst revealed further sintering of the metallic Cu nanoparticles and the growth of crystalline ZnO nanoparticles, but there were no indications for the presence of bulk metallic Co or for bulk alloying. With increasing time on stream the product distribution shifted favorably towards higher alcohols presumably due to an increased intimate interface contact between the large metallic Cu particles detected by XRD and the X-ray amorphous metallic Co surface species probed by XPS.