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Introduction into Service Robots

: Hägele, Martin; Schuhmacher, Luzia; Röhricht, Karin; Zimmermann, Thilo

Hägele, Martin (Ed.) ; International Federation of Robotics, Statistical Department; Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. -VDMA-, Fachverband Robotik und Automation, Frankfurt/Main:
World Robotics 2015 Service Robots : Statistics, Market Analysis, Forecasts, Case Studies
Frankfurt/Main, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-8163-0680-1
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Service Robot; Serviceroboterstudie; Serviceroboter; Roboterstatistik; Einführung

In 2015, the IFR Statistical Department carried out a market survey of service robots for the 15th time. A questionnaire was sent to some 330 companies worldwide, asking for data on sales in 2014 and projections for the timespan from 2015 to 2018.
Data was reported according to the classification as shown in Table 1.1. In total, more than 330 companies have now been identified as producers and developers of service robots (see chapter 4 “Service Robot Manufacturers”). As the years before, a significant increase of the industry’s activities can be observed as regards both existing installations and forecasts.

The overall result of the survey is presented in brief in chapter 2. Detailed information about the application areas of service robots is given in chapter 3. Case studies and other features of importance to service robotics are followed in subsequent sections:
- Reports from recent robot-related initiatives or roadmaps (Japan)
- Examples of four new service robotics industries.
- Selected Robot Awards from highly visible events in 2015: the IERA Award (a joint effort by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and the IFR) and the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award 2015.
- Profiles of four selected research labs in service robots.
- Overview about ongoing activities in two robotics regions or networks.
- Current activities particularly in the area of ISO related robotics standardisation activities in non-manufacturing environments.
- Developments in the field of open platforms and open standards for on-demand applications.