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High-efficiency, high-temperature continuous class-E sub-waveform solution AlGaN/GaN power amplifier

: Carrubba, V.; Maroldt, S.; Musser, M.; Ture, E.; Dammann, M.; Raay, F. van; Quay, R.; Brueckner, P.; Ambacher, O.


IEEE microwave and wireless components letters 25 (2015), No.8, pp.526-528
ISSN: 1051-8207
ISSN: 1531-1309
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
energy efficiency; hybrid integrated circuits; microwave circuits; power amplifiers (PAs); semiconductor device reliability

This letter presents the realization of a high-efficiency, high-temperature Continuous Class-E Sub-Waveform Solution power amplifier using for the first time GaN technology. The recently introduced Continuous Class-E PA mode theory has revealed new and various impedance solutions for which high-efficiency switch mode PAs can be realized. The investigation carried out in this work clearly shows that very high efficiency is still delivered despite the smaller voltage waveform peak when compared to standard Class-E, leading to more reliable PAs. The Continuous Class-E Sub-Waveform Solution PA prototype shows efficiency as high as 80% while delivering output power of 4 W and gain >10 dB at 2 GHz of frequency and ambient temperature. The PA module has also been tested at high temperature T = 150°C revealing targeted performance with efficiency up to 71% while delivering 3.5 W of output power. Reliability measurements also show satisfactory results in the time frame up to 1500 hours.