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Resource-usage-aware configuration in software product lines

: Zanardini, Damiano; Albert, Elvira; Villela, Karina


Journal of logical and algebraic methods in programming 85 (2016), No.1, Pt.2, pp.173-199
ISSN: 2352-2208
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
case study; product line variability; software configuration

Deriving concrete products from a product-line infrastructure requires resolving the variability captured in the product line, based on the company market strategy or requirements from specific customers. Selecting the most appropriate set of features for a product is a complex task, especially if quality requirements have to be considered. Resource-usage-aware configuration aims at providing awareness of resource-usage properties of artifacts throughout the configuration process. This article envisages several strategies for resource-usage-aware configuration which feature different performance and efficiency trade-offs. The common idea in all strategies is the use of resource-usage estimates obtained by an off-the-shelf static resource-usage analyzer as a heuristic for choosing among different candidate configurations. We report on a prototype implementation of the most practical strategies for resource-usage-aware configuration and apply it on an industrial case study.