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LiDAR Errors in Complex Terrain and Strategies for an Optimized Measurement Design in Resource Assessment

Poster presented at Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event, EWEA 2014, Barcelona
: Klaas, Tobias; Pauscher, L.; Callies, D.; Retting, S.; Lange, B.

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2014, 1 pp.
Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event (EWEA) <2014, Barcelona>
Poster, Electronic Publication
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Lidars are becoming important tools for wind resource assessments in all kinds of terrain. Compared to mast measurements mobility and flexibility are their greatest benefits. However, a broad data basis for verification is needed to increase acceptance. There are several effects that need to be considered when setting up a measurement campaign. Site dependent orography effects can cause considerable errors. The magnitude of these errors depends on the level of terrain complexity and measurement location. High errors lead to significantly increased measurement uncertainties. Their estimation with models underlies uncertainties regarding parameterization, e.g. forest height and directional offset settings.