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Efficient redundancy through a generic AUTOSAR failover-service

From model to implementation. Presentation held at (TÜV Süd), 28th & 29th of April 2015, Munich, Germany
: Schleiß, Philipp

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Created on: 19.9.2015

2015, 14 pp. <4, 2015, München>
European Commission EC
FP7-ICT; 608945; SafeAdapt
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ()
fail operational; efficient system architecture; redundancy management; AUTOSAR; safety; electric steering; 1-out-of-2 safety architecture; system design; control system; dependability; availability; graceful degradation; adaptive systems; dependable software; automotive software

The presentation focuses on designing fail-operational control systems in a cost-efficient manner. Hereby, special emphasis is laid on the implementation of a generic service for managing redundancy, graceful degradation, and availability in the context of AUTOSAR. Further, the applicability and benefits of this solution are illustrated in the context of a vehicle’s electronic steering system.